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Programa medico cubano I: Infiltración ideologica, manipulation social

Actualizado: 18 may 2021

The (GOC) Government of Cuba's Propaganda towards the Cuban Doctors Program is huge. Since the workforce exportation is one of the pillars of the Cuban Economy, marketing is needed. But what the GOC takes is not only money but soldiers.

Cuban Embassy in Fiji

The GOC as Fundamental Human Right Violators according to Human Right Watch organization (1), needs to silence opposition voices inside and outside the country.

Silencing the opposition which tries to exposes the truth inside the country is pretty simple for the GOC as it is a one Party system and annihilation of opposition is legalized as stated in the constitution that they made.(2)

Art.4-) ...The socialist system that this Constitution supports is irrevocable. Citizens have the right to combat through any means, including armed combat when other means are not available, against any that intend to topple the political, social, and economic order established by this Constitution.
Art.5-) The Communist Party of Cuba, unique...

The Communist Party has a "cell" in every single institution including the press, so... the GOC does not have any problem silencing voices inside the island. So the only pending problem then is to silences voices outside Cuba.

One of the ways to achieve this goal is through Doctor Programs. Doctor Programs is a 2 way collaboration. Locals may go to Cuba for training or Cuban Doctors my come to your country to serve. In both the cases the intelligence and ideology penetration is imminent.

When the Cuban Doctors come to your country at least 3 over 10 doctors are not doctors at all but are Communist and Intelligence agents. They are spies whose mission is to keep the Cuban doctors under control and to infiltrate the local society in a undercover concordance with the Cuban Embassy in your country.

In the post "Cuba is enslaving doctors"(3), The Australian wrote:

"Havana sends them abroad, steals their wages, and forces them to act as spies."

In December 2019, Marion Smith wrote in Washing Post Journal (4):

What do you call a system that combines slavery with espionage? In Communist Cuba, you call it humanitarian aid. For decades Havana has sent tens of thousands of doctors abroad as a supposed sign of goodwill, only to steal their income and use some as unwilling spies. Fortunately, more nations are rejecting Cuba’s “help.”

Why would the GOC do such a thing. Simple, the bigger the influence they have in your country the easier it is to manipulate your government to close deals, to spread the information they want about Cuba and to silence or eliminate opposite voices there in your country.

How could you explain Uruguay locals sabotaging a peaceful protest by Cuban? Why would locals of your country defend the Cuban government from their own Cuban Citizens protesting. It's the influence of the GOC in the Uruguayan people and the influence they will achieve in every country they land.

In the video referenced in the number (5), you can see a legal protest of Cubans going toward the Cuban Embassy in Uruguay. They claim Basic and Important claims as "Stop the Modern Slavery", "Politics Freedom", "Stop imposition of Constitutions", "Down the Castro", etc... Police forces are present to protect them since it is a legal protest in a Democratic Country. Curiously, the counter-protest was assumed by Uruguay locals who do not know the Cuban situation at all. They stop the Cuban Protest to reach the Cuban Embassy in Uruguay. In a very Communist style, punching, menacing, screaming non-sense dogmas.

In the Video (5), minute 4.20 the camera man ask:

-Pregunta "Los manifestantes Cubanos quieren llegar a la embajada cubana y tienen permiso. Quines son ustedes para detenerlos?"
-Respuesta: Somos el grupo de apoyo de la Embajada Cubana


Question: The Cuban protesters want to reach the Cuban Embassy and they have a permit to do it. Who are yo to stop them?
-Answer: We are the support group of the Cuban Embassy

Wait a second! A Support Group of the Cuban Embassy in Uruguay formed by Uruguayan citizens? What is going on? It's the brain wash. The camera man which is Uruguayan as well but documenting the Cuban side was stopped from walking through. Don't forget this is his own city. Eventually, the camera man was physically repressed by his own Uruguayan people for documenting the Cubans side. (5) Note the Red Communist flag and the guy with the white t-shirt which says CCCP (The old Soviet Communist Party)

It seems to you a natural and instinctive reaction of the Uruguay people or something influenced by the GOC? How could those "non-Cubans" defend Communism and the GOC? What do they know about it?

Something similar but more violent happened in Brazil. Cuban Protesters were violently stopped by Brazilian people. (7) Once again you will see a lot of Red Communist Flags.

The GOC infiltration and Social Penetration is what they also do even in Fiji Island. In the facebook page of the GOC in Fiji you can see how the Cuban Embassy is already brain washing the locals with Communist Propaganda(8). Would these locals be the Support Group of the Cuban Embassy in Fiji?

This penetration is coming along the Cuban Doctor Program. Actually they will never disclose the Certification of the doctors. Of course the GOC will deny it but... will you believe a government that legalize the annihilation of the opposition?

NEXT POST: "What happens when your locals goes to Cuba as students".


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2-Cuban Constitution (English).

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