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En el texto encontrará números entre parentesi como este: (2). Esos números son la correspondiente demostración de lo que en este artículo se exponga y están reflejados como evidencia documental (pruebas) al final del mismo bajo el título "REFERENCIAS".  

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Cuban Medical Brigades started being defined as "Modern Slavery" and "Ideology Infiltration".

People and governments around the world offer their support to the Cuban Government recognizing the "kindness" and "solidarity" of such "humanitarian" attitude. But the real facts have never been exposed so clearly as now. The "solidarity" of the Cuban Government seems to be a myth.

In Cuba, health worker's devalued salaries in a dual economy are a substantive incentive to volunteer for missions abroad. So is easy for the Cuban Government to recruit them and some times actually force them to go overseas and offer health care. (1) But the Cuban Government pays the doctors only 20% of the deal. For example, the Brazilian government used to pay Cuba $ 5 000USD/monthly for each Cuban doctor. But the Cuban doctor gets only $1 000USD/monthly; for working away from home, coming back for vacations 30 days after 11 month working. Sometimes, in the jungle, where locals doctors will not go. This $1 000USD payment is divided in 2 parts. One part $600USD goes to a saving account in Cuba and is only accessible when the Cuban doctor finishes the "mission"/contract. This contract could be for 2, 4, 6 or 8 years. The other part, $400 USD is deposited in the doctor's local bank account where they are currently on "mission". (2)

In Namibia the price for the Cuban health services were negotiated like in stock market. The price per doctor in a 2 years contract was nearly $80 000 USD. This deal was sealed for 52 doctors so about $3.3 million USD went to the Cuban Government. (3) In the meantime the Cuban Health infrastructure is very bad. (6) In the other hand, the Cuban Government is well known for Intelligence activities and espionage. Good example is the resent Netflix movie The Wasp Network.(4)

So, it's easy to accept the rumors saying that at least 1 in a group of 10 Cuban Doctors in a "mission", is an Intelligence agent or "Opinion Agent". "Opinion Agent" is a soft subversion technique. They are the ones on charge to subvert the local society and build favorable opinion toward the Cuban Government by calling for social gathering, dinners or showing to the locals romantic videos about "The Cuban Revolution" and Fidel Castro. Eventually, if needed they use "Cuban friendly" civil members of the local society to fight, violent or attack those who expose or denounce the Cuban Government Corruption. Other goal is to promote Communist Groups. So the image of the Cuban Government as Humanitarian and Solidarity, is revealing as a myth that they have been building for over 60 years. And the history of the Cubans Doctors are heartbreaking. (5) Reference: 1-Human Right Watch News:

4-Netflix The Wasp Network:

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